What’s the most common SEO mistake? Some digital marketers say crawability (or the lack thereof) while others declare content but Google’s Matt Cutts brings his answer down to the roots of the web…

Ha! There we have it. The most common SEO mistake, according to Google, is simply not having a website. While it’s true you cannot have SEO success without a website, I seriously doubt the most common mistake in SEO is not having a website – it’s just hard for me to believe since having a website, to me, is a given.

Fact is: many people have great looking websites that simply do not perform!

They don’t rank organically. They don’t receive traffic. Most importantly, they don’t convert. Who cares if your site is pretty, solves problems or even has a good user experience if it cannot be found?

If I was asked this question,

I would say the most common SEO mistake is ignoring SEO altogether and NOT investing in your organic presence.

Small businesses and enterprise level brands must make SEO part of the ongoing process and stop thinking of SEO as a long-lost afterthought. If you don’t have a website, there’s no doubt you need to get one but make sure you don’t just create a website to say you have one; create a website that ranks organically, drives qualified traffic and converts into customers. Long live SEO!

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