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HTTPS was the chatter this week in the SEO and digital marketing world but overall we had a smooth week all search considered. Want to catch-up on some of the search news that took place this week? From news to new cool ideas, we’ve got you covered.


Google Starts Giving A Ranking Boost To Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites

Could a domain see a ranking boost by moving to HTTPS? Yes, but know that the ranking boost is very small at this point and is perhaps only targeted at certain industries like ecommerce & banking. Think of this LESS as a HTTPS only play and more of an overall online safety play – Google wants users to be safe and is rewarding sites who help make the web a safer place. Small businesses should most definitely consider making this change but NOT on a whim. A move of this nature requires a solid SEO strategy else that small “ranking boost” will feel more like curse than a blessing. Curious if you should make the switch? Check out this great article from Raven Tools.

Master These 3 Steps to Avoid Local SEO Failure

If you’re a small business and you haven’t followed through on these 3 local SEO steps, it’s time to drink some coffee and get to it right away! Great article from Jayson Akers.

10 Tips To Understanding & Segmenting Your Organic Traffic

Great article by Janet Driscoll Miller on how having a correct analytics setup can improve your SEO reporting. Tips around annotations, goals, bot spider filtering and mobile traffic are all included and something small businesses and enterprise brands should both consider when reporting on organic search. If you’re still confused about organic search reporting and would like to know what the ROI is and/or could be, we can help!

Using Autocomplete To Hijack Local Search Results & Improve Online Reputation

Google Webmaster Guidelines Update Calls “Low Quality Guest Blog Posts” Spam

Duh…something we all already knew but it’s always a good time to get a refresher and solid direction from Google. This makes it about clear as mud.

The Future Of Content & SEO: How To Stay On Top

“These days, content optimization has shifted even further, into a more technical realm. Now that we have merged the SEO and content silos to create high-quality, search-friendly content, we have to consider how both users and machines are accessing that content.”


Why You Can’t Hide From Mobile PPC

These 10 Analytics Reports Will Improve Your AdWords Results

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways you can improve your PPC results – new campaigns, ad-copy testing, landing page optimization…and the list never ends. The question is “Could you quickly improve your PPC/SEM campaigns by simply dicing the data a little differently?” We think so! “AdWords is great at costs, clicks and conversions, but what happens in between is a bit of a mystery, unless you also employ Analytics.”


Facebook Introduces Cross-Device Reporting For Facebook Ads

Why it’s Important to Become a Social Organization

Consider These 5 Things When Adding Visuals to Social-Media Content

That’s a wrap this great 33rd week in 2014! Please feel free to share additional articles in the comments below and have a GREAT weekend.

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