SEO Case Study: Advanced Search Engine Optimization Campaign Cuts Lead Acquisition Cost By Over 87%

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Epica Interactive was engaged by an online financial services client, who asked us to develop an effective SEO strategy to improve their aging site’s lagging search traffic & lead generation.

Defining Challenges & Establishing Goals

The client had an established site with a few years of mediocre performance, a small collection of inbound links and around 20 pages of content. With a weak, poorly defined web presence they struggled to rank in search and failed to engage visitors once they reached the site.

They engaged us to achieve stronger organic rankings, drive more traffic and obtain more leads. Together we determined that it would be a reasonable goal to improve rankings, drive a 35% increase in search traffic, convert 35% more leads and reduce cost per lead by 35%.

Creating a Solid Foundation

We set about solving the client’s first performance challenge – indexation. We performed a technical analysis of the site’s structure discovering a number of technical hurdles keeping search engine spiders from effectively crawling the site’s deeper pages. We provided solutions for a wide variety of technical issues and revised the site’s page templates & mark-up to better emphasize the existing content’s strengths.

Building an Effective Framework

With the technical SEO foundation set, we began to investigate the client’s other challenges – information architecture, content depth and page mark-up. A brief linguistic assessment gave us some great insights into the types of phrases the target customer used during their research cycle. The site’s navigation nomenclature and structure were altered to accommodate the linguistic findings.

With strong, data driven direction for our keyword selection approach we began to explore content development opportunities to extend the reach of the site’s content. Carefully crafted page titles and meta descriptions were added to every page lifting their search rankings and improving click-through rates in search results.

Real, Measurable Search Engine Optimization Results

Thanks to the solid technical foundation and effective page optimization the site began to rank well quickly and drive organic traffic increases almost immediately, doubling organic site visits with-in the first 60 days of the engagement. 5 months in we had secured top rankings for over a dozen mission critical phrases, driving  over 4 times the organic site visits.

Search Engine Optimization Increased Organic Traffic & Leads

Our team’s concentration on high quality, conversion oriented phrases paid off – the client’s cost per acquisition was cut in half in the first month. Continued strategic keyword optimization & content creation kept the growth momentum strong. With-in 4 months we had reduced the client’s lead generation cost by 87% and were driving over 6 times the organic leads!

Search Engine Optimization Increased Conversion Rate & Decreased Cost Per Lead

Organic search engine optimization was a game changer for this client, opening doors to a new& very effective channel for lead generation. Discover what Epica Interactive’s SEO Services can do for you – Call 844.We.Do.SEO (844.933.6736) today!