A Successful Local SEO Campaign Netted a Legal Services Client 2x Visitors & Over 5x Leads

Local Search Engine OptimizationEpica Interactive was engaged by a small legal services client to help them expand online to reach potential customers across the US including cities where they didn’t have local offices.

Understanding the Challenges & Establishing Goals

The client had a small, 5 yr old website with no localized content, and a fair number of backlinks. On the strength of some pretty questionable link authority the site was ranking well for a handful of phrases, driving a moderate amount of search traffic and collecting a handful of leads daily.

We outlined a plan to clean up the toxic linkscape, craft localized content to reach local markets and improve organic rankings, traffic & leads. Together we established aggressive goals to drive 50% more search trafficconvert 50% more leads and reduce cost per lead by 50%.

Getting Started With the Basics

The initial challenges were a toxic link acquisition history, and a number of severe technical issues hindering the site’s indexation & rankings. We exhausted the entire first month outlining the site’s wide variety of technical issues and implementing solutions including URL Rewrites & Redirects, Template Optimization and XML sitemap creation to help search engines find and crawl the site’s pages more effectively. Then we began researching & prioritizing toxic links for removal & disavowal – a time consuming, but critical effort.

Building Out the Localized Content

During the second month we began to approach the localization challenge – creating organic visibility for localized searches for areas the client had no brick & mortar penetration. We started by researching the target demographic by state to identify the biggest opportunities & strongest competitors. We crafted a directory of detailed, location focused landing pages geared to engage audiences in each state – emphasizing the client’s hottest markets, highest population regions, and areas with the highest target demographics.

Local SEO Services Generate Real, Measurable Results

By month 3 the optimization was already having a measurable impact – doubling the site’s Page 1 visibility on Google. With-in 4 months the site had triple the Page 1 results with nearly 400 highly targeted phrases ranking on page one of Google.Increased Organic Search Traffic & Leads

At 4 months, organic traffic had increased by 50% and at 6 months the site was receiving double the organic visits and 10 times the organic search driven leads. Through a combination of strategic search optimization & conversion optimization we were able to improve the site’s conversion rate from 0.5% to over 2.5%, driving the client’s cost per lead down 86%.

Increased Conversion & Decreased Cost Per Lead

Local SEO services made an amazing impact on this client’s online business, turning organic search into an incredibly effective channel for lead generation in areas they were never able to target previously. Discover what Epica Interactive’s Local SEO Services can do for you – Call 844.We.Do.SEO (844.933.6736) today!